Making the most of your media opportunities

Delivering tailored training courses to help your company or organisation get its message heard the way you want it. We also specialise in giving sensitive crisis management advice to help you protect your reputation in the face of a hostile media.

We specialise in:

  • Identifying good news - how to make the most of your PR opportunities
  • Unmasking the media - who they are, how they work and what they want from you
  • Better interviews - interview training to help you make the most of your media appearances

We recently delivered media training to palliative care professionals in the NHS. Here is some of the post training feedback.

“understand issues better but not more confident in dealing with media…”

“would be good to take theory forward in a practical way through media skills training”…

“a lot of work gone into organising today…thank you”

“need media skills training”

“certainly increased my awareness of scope and potential risks/benefits of the media”

“increased knowledge of benefits of engaging with comms team”

“helped me understand the media better”

“very interesting and quite practical day…thanks”

“for me, served as an overview of the sociology of the UK, medicine and palliative medicine”

“I’m going to open a twitter account!” 

Crisis management 

Preventing a drama becoming crisis

'Craig knows what to anticipate, how to second guess what's coming and what to do about it,'  Frank O Donnell, Telecoms client.

As well as equipping you to deal with the media more effectively, we can offer jhands on support for more sensitive media issues.

Every organisation relies on reputation for its success. Damaging media stories can ruin reputation and in the process you organisations credibility.

Defusing or limiting potentially damaging stories appearing in the media can help protect your reputation. Managing information to achieve this has nothing to do with spin and everything to do with having the right expereince contacts and understanding of the way the media works and what they need. Director Craig Cowbrough has expereince of dealing with some of the country's most senior journalists. 

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